Oyster Recovery Partnership


At Chesapeake Collection, we celebrate the Chesapeake Bay and its culture!

The bay is one of the largest natural estuaries in the world. It has 11,684 miles of shoreline and 150 major rivers flow into its basin. 

Unfortunately, since the late 19th Century, it has experienced tremendous decay due to water pollution. This pollution disrupts the entire bay ecosystem and poses a threat to the Chesapeake Way of Life. Our goal is to help reverse this trend and help restore the bay by partnering with the Oyster Recovery Partnership!

Oyster Recovery Partnership’s mission is to increase the number of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay through planting new oyster habitats. Oysters are natural filter feeders, which keeps the water clean allowing underwater grasses and other aquatic life to thrive. Without this critical role, indigenous plant and wildlife are left defenseless to water pollution.

However one oyster can filter more than 50 gallons of water in a single day!  At one point, the bay’s oysters could filter a volume of water equal to that of the entire bay in three or four days; todays population takes nearly a year to filter this same amount.

With every clothing item you buy at Chesapeake Collection, 100 oysters are restored to the Chesapeake Bay!  Our goal in the next year is to contribute over one million oysters into the bay. Thank you for joining with us to make a contribution to saving a national treasure.

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